How to register a death

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How to register a death

When someone dies there is often much to do and very little help to guide you in the right direction. We hope our step-by-step list helps:
In England and Wales, all deaths must be registered within 5 days in the district where the death occurred.
If the death occurred in Salford, it must be registered at Salford Register Office, in person, by appointment only. The Register Office is located in the Civic Centre, Swinton.

  • If the person died at home, in hospital, at nursing home or hospice, usually a doctor or district nurse will have certified their death. All deaths will be scrutinised by the Medical Examiner’s Office.
  • In every case they will contact the family of the deceased during office hours. When the M.E.’s office is satisfied with the cause of death they will inform the hospital or medical practice and instruct them to issue the Medical Certificate Cause of Death.
  • The Medical Certificate of Death will then be emailed directly to the registrars
  • You will then be informed that you can contact the Register Office to make an appointment to register the death in the town where the death occurred.
  • If you have the Medical Card and the Birth Certificate of the person who has died this will help the registrar, but is this is not essential.
  • You’ll be asked to give the following information to the registrar to register the death:

Once you have registered the death, the registrar will issue you: 

  • A Registrar’s Certificate for Burial/Cremation (green form) to be given to the Funeral Director, as this gives permission for the person who has died to be buried or cremated. This may also be emailed directly to your chosen funeral director, depending on the protocol of each registrar.
  • A form for the Department of Works & Pensions (also known as the white form), which is used to cancel any pensions or state benefits of the deceased. 
  • A copy of the Death Certificate is given as legal proof of death and it often required to settle the estate or any accounts of the person who has died. You can obtain copies of the death certificate at the time of registration. There is a charge for each copy.