The Direct Funeral

Broadoak Independent Funeral Service

Courtesy and Respect

The Direct Funeral

A Direct Funeral provides an affordable alternative to a traditional full service funeral for people who do not want to have a formal traditional funeral. It’s a contemporary choice, it offers a respectful funeral in a simple fuss-free way, but with the same level of dignity and respect.

The Direct Cremation


The Direct Burial


*Funeral Directors Charges Only

  • Broadoak Funeral Service will set the day and time of the committal, family will be notified. Mourners CANNOT attend.
  • Care of the deceased person in appropriate facilities. There will be no embalming, dressing or viewing of the deceased
  • Collection from an address within 10 miles of one of our offices in office hours. Otherwise, additional charges will be made
  • Suitable vehicle to transport to the crematorium/cemetery
  • Taking care of all necessary legal and administrative arrangements
  • Ashes must be collected from our Office within 7 days of notification that they are ready or scattered in The Garden of Remembrance.
  • Simple coffin. Outsize coffin (over 6ft x 20’’) will incur extra charges
  • Doctor fee for Cremation
  • Local Crematorium Fee


Full payment must be made in advance of the funeral being booked. This does not include removal of implants/pacemakers